Saturday, May 30, 2015

Last Night's Dream

Last night my dream was so vivid that I must record it here.


I was with my family (parents, brother, sister and brother-in-law, and husband) at my childhood home, where my parents still live.  My bedroom was as it is now, complete with French doors that open to a balcony.  Here's where things get weird.

When I walked up to my room I noticed there were many animals on the balcony. One was Loo, my cat in real life. With her were her 6 kittens that she gave birth to last October, in addition three little birds. (Yeah, no idea.) The birds were all mustard yellow in color.

In the yard below, visible to me from the balcony's vantage point, was a massive female gorilla.  She, too, wanted to come inside, but this made me fearful, for obvious reasons.  I wanted to think she would be able to sit with me, discuss things (in sign language, of course), but I was ultimately scared that I would accidentally do something upsetting to her, resulting in harm to me and my family.

Fast forward a few minutes and we are all in the kitchen, scared of the gorilla outside. My mom insists on opening the garage door to move the car in - why, I have no idea.  The gorilla had moved to that part of the house, posed to run inside were the door to raise.  We managed to raise and lower the garage door quickly enough to keep her from getting in, but all this time I had the urge to protect my family yet comfort the gorilla and let her know that I couldn't let her in not because I was afraid of her, but because I didn't know how to treat her in a way that would be good for her.

Moments later, I woke up.


After looking up some of the loose symbolism associated with these animals, colors, places, and people, I'm taking this dream as a sign of the beginning of healing that I've needed to do for myself for quite some time.
When I muster the courage I will write about that particularly needs healing, but for now I'm finding comfort in this dream, as strange as it was.

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